Pepco has 7 welding procedures allowing the company to build piping for CSA Pipelines, ASME Pressure Piping systems, as well as ABSA equipment.  Pepco has the ability to adapt to different product lines due to the shop offering fabrication, internal coatings, as well as external painting.

Pepco has a qualified Quality program Registered with Alberta Boiler Association qualified to the following:

Fabrication Capabilities

  • ABSA AQP AQP-2334, Expiration October 10, 2020
  • ASME, CSA Z662
  • CWB Capable
  • 6+ Approved welding Procedures capable of Welding Material Ranges
  • Willing to work with Clients on developing procedures as required

Pepco Pipe Services Ltd. Has 6 welding procedures that range from P1-P8 to allow the flexibility of alloys common to our economic landscape.

Welding Procedure Development