Pepco offers top of the line sandblasting services to help achieve all of our customer’s expectations. Our sandblasters work in a contained room separate from the rest of our shop for safety reasons.

Sandblasting is the use of sand with extreme forces against the material being blasted under high pressure conditions for the purpose of creating a smooth surface from what was originally a rough one, or vice versa. Our sandblasting services can also be used to create a cleaner appearance of a surface, or even completely reshape a surface.

Pepco strives for success, which is why we only hire skilled and experienced sandblasters to ensure all jobs that leave our blast bay are of the upmost quality. pepco uses top of the line sandblasting equipment to make certain that our customers are pleased with the finished quality and speed of each job that our sandblasters take on.

Pepco offers both internal and external sandblasting services to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction with the different amount of services offered.  aim to deliver all of our customers needs by going above and beyond most business’s presumptions.

Sand Blasting-Pepco Pipe Services
Sand Blasting-Pepco Pipe Services