Pipe End Preparation

At Pepco Pipe services we are specialized in Pipe End preparation. Typically, there are 3 options, Cutting Truck, Machining, or Welding Rig. At Pepco we have both welding rigs as well as cutting services in our facility. The most preferred is on‐site to cut and bevel pipe to meet client specification as well as jurisdictional requirements. The major advantage to utilizing a cutting team is there is a major cost reduction from either utilizing a mobile welder or a
machining company.

Pepco Cutting Truck / Pipe End Prep‐

Machined End

Perfect finish, very costly, very time consuming

Welding Rig Prep

This is very time consuming as the welder has to hand cut the joint by usage of flame, and then prepares the joint with a hand grinder to finish in most cases. This is a usable method but is both time consuming & costly.

At Pepco Pipe Services we strive to guide our clients to successful completion of their projects while maintaining schedules and adding value through the process.


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