Jurisdictional Requirements

Many jobs that we work on at Pepco Pipe Services have a wide range of certification and jurisdictional requirements. In Alberta we follow ABSA‐ Alberta Boiler Safety Association for a majority of our projects as that is the governing body that we are registered to in accordance with our AQP. Often times we are working with a number of guidelines for various codes:

  • ABSA‐ Alberta Boiler Safety Association
  • ASME‐ American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • API‐ American Petroleum institute
  • CWB‐ Canadian Welding Bureau
  • AWWA‐ American Water Works Association
  • CSA‐ Canadian Safety Association
  • BCSA‐ British Columbia Safety Authority
  • NSF‐ National Sanitation Foundation

For other projects we have worked on at Pepco recently, we have had to build piping to be used in British Columbia that have unique construction requirements. Registration for systems that leave the province require a review of the specifications that govern said province.

As the economy seems to be shifting and the need for qualified shops is needed more than ever, Pepco has experience on a wide range of regulations and can offer different perspectives on completing job according to the law that applies.


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